Anti Theft Bicycle Alarm Wireless with Remote


1. Simple to operate and easy to install.
2. Perfect to protect your shop, office, home, car, house or anywhere requiring protection.
3. Only the user can unlock the alarm.
4. It adopts micro-computer technique, having high-middle-lower senitivity for you to choose.
5. Wireless Vibration Alarm with infra-red remote control.
6. Super loud, simple, easy to theft.
7. It helps protect your bicycle well, and you don't need to worry about losing it.
8. Effective remote control and alarm sensors 30 feet above the terminal, open area up to 100 feet.

Size: 3.7 x 2.4 x 1.5 inches(approx)

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  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


$41.99 $19.95
Automatic LED Bicycle Brake Light

This LED automatic bicycle brake light acts just like a brake light on a car would. Rest assured when cycling at night or day that people behind you will be aware that your hitting the brakes. During emergency stops this light could potentially save lives or serious accidents, not just a cool toy to have on your bike. Go cycling more safely with this Automatic LED Bicycle Brake Light!

  • Color of Light: Red
  • Position: Bike rear light
  • Weight: 0.11 lbs
  • Size: 7.87in x 11.81in x 7.87in
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  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
$29.99 $14.95
Bike Balls

Bike Balls naturally bob-around while you ride, boosting your visibility and safety in a hilarious way. 

Mounts effortlessly on the back of your bike seat. 

Built for rough riding - water / splash resistant construction. 

Gently squeeze the Balls to turn the light on and switch between the solid/flashing modes. Gently squeeze again to turn the Bike Balls off.

$44.95 $16.95
Double Bicycle Bag with Transparent Touch Sensitive Phone Pouch

Clear transparent PVC window pouch designed for mobile phone (screen size ≤ 5.5).

Suitable for most kinds of bicycles, such as fast riding, road bike and mountain bike.

Two bags are stitched with polyester fabric, which is difficult to be broken.

Both sides of the bags have reflective tapes, be safer when driving at night

Can stick on the tube, very convenient and quick.

Material: Nylon
Color: Black

$69.99 $26.95
LED Laser Lane Cycling Bike Light

Red Laser Tail Light with Bike Lane Projection is the perfect way to let the road know who owns it: You. "How do I let the road know that?" You ask. In addition to flashing red lights, it also comes with two lasers that shoot to the ground and provide two guiding lines that serve as boundary indicators.

To activate your Red Laser Tail Light, press the LED button atop the tail light to activate 1 of 7 light modes, from steady to 6 different forms of flashing. Press the LASER button atop the tail light to activate 1 of 2 laser functions: steady and flashing. Check out more in our line of LED bike lights.

LED/Laser Colors: Red

Dimensions (L x W x H): 5" x 2.75" x 1"

Red Laser Tail Light with Bike Lane Projection comes ready to use with 2 replaceable AAA batteries.

$27.99 $17.95
Portable Multi-functional Mini Bike Pump
Everyone needs a pump. A minipump will still be a lighter and much cheaper option than CO2 cartridges. 
This minipump fits unobtrusively attached beside your water bottle cage, so that it is always ready for action when the inevitable happens. 
Size: 7.9 inches
Folded Size:: 7.8" x 1.24"
Unfolded Size:: 11.7" x 1.24"
Net Weight:: 3.7 oz
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  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
$44.99 $17.95
Reflective 360 Degrees Body Belt

It has 360° reflectivity and visibility,Highly Reflective at Night & Highly Visible in the Day.
Is Easily Adjustable, Lightweight, Elastic Reflective Fit for Everybody
Easily adjustable reflective belt vest to fit a wide range of size and body type.

  • Fastened by easy-to-handle buckle
  • Elastic and reflective
  • Adjustable body and shoulder straps
  • Suitable for: Outdoor activities such as jogging, hiking cycling and many more

Usage: Utility & Safety
Gender: Unisex
Material: Polyester,Spandex
Color: Fluorescent green
Size: One Size Fits All

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  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
$29.99 $17.95
Running Sport Arm Band

Compatible iPhone Model: iPhone 6s Plus,iPhone 6s,iPhone 6,iPhone 6 plus,iPhone 7, iPhone 7S
Compatible Brand: Apple iPhones
Function: Convenience, Cred Card Holder, Touchable through Screen, Dirt-resistant
Usage: Gym,Jogging,Running,Cycling,Climing...out door sports
Material: Nylon

  • McAfee Safe & Secure Checkout
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
$26.99 $16.95
Uni Sex Running Storage Waist Bag

Meet your new running partner. Just big enough to hold the essentials you might need during your morning run (or a quick run to the farmer’s market), this bag can hold your phone, wallet, keys and a bit more, all without having to lug around a bigger bag. Be ready for anything.

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  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
$27.99 $16.95
Universal Bicycle Kickstand Add On Aluminium Alloy Adjustable Kick Stand

Are you searching for a new and faithful partner who supports you and your bicycle? If so, this sort of adjustable bicycle side kickstand would be a wise choice. It is lightweight and very easy to operate. The connector is made of engineering plastics that will keep your bike prestine like the day you bought it!

Brand new and high quality.
Waterproof and wear-resisting, durable to use. 
Easy to install. 
Adjustable in length.
Protect the painting of the bike with the connectors made of plastics.
It makes your bicycle convenient to park.
Universal for all bicycles.

Material: Aluminum alloy, rubber foot
Color: Black & White
Product size: 34 * 3.5 * 3.1cm / 13.4 * 1.4 * 1.2 in
Product weight: 369g / 13.0oz

Package List:
1 * Adjustable Bicycle Kickstand

  • McAfee Safe & Secure Checkout
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
$24.99 $19.95

Our water bottle with spray function will keep you cool throughout your workout or normal day. Not only will this bottle keep you hydrated throughout the day with it's large 600ML capacity, but it will keep your body cool by simply pressing the spray button when you're feeling too hot. 


The lid is leak-proof so you can put it into your bag without the worry of your other items getting water damaged. It also has a handle, so if you do not have a bag to carry it in, you can easily hold it comfortably. 


This bottle is perfect for all sports activities, jogging, cycling, weight training and more. It is important to keep your body cool, so you can push it to the limit and this bottle will help do this. 


  • Holds 600ML
  • Spray Function
  • Leak-Proof lid
  • BPA Free
  • McAfee Safe & Secure Checkout
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
$27.99 $19.95
Water Filter Bottle



Many of us simply use an old water bottle to use at the gym, or just for general everyday use. It is easy, convenient and cheap - However, the water is from a tap and does not taste pure and natural, you can often taste the chemicals. But, there is now a fix for this solution - our water filter gym bottles!


Our stylish water filter gym bottles have a carbon filter built into the head of the bottle. The carbon filter removes chlorine, and organic contaminants. So when you squeeze water out the bottle, the water is filtered providing you with the utmost refreshment.

The water filter bottle can be used everywhere - in the gym, jogging around the city, or simply to take to work with you. It solves the problems of all water drinkers, you will not have to spend money everyday on a fresh bottle of water, neither will you have to taste the horrid chemicals in tap water. Simply fill the bottle up with tap water before you leave, and whenever you need to drink, just squeeze the bottle like usual and the water will be filtered instantly through the head of the bottle.

  • Stylish for everyday use
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Holds 550ML
  • Instant filtering
  • BPA Free
  • Can be used 300 times / 2 Months
  • Do not put in dishwasher
  • McAfee Safe & Secure Checkout
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
$19.99 $9.95

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