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Cute Santa Claus Wine Bottle Cover

Great as a dinner party decoration especially during the holidays. This will provide a good laugh and keep the environment festive & light hearted!
Material: Cloth

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$24.99 $12.95
Death Star Ice SPHERE Mold

Hanging out on the planet Hoth all day can be boring. It's basically a white desert with nothing but snow, robots, giant yeti monsters, and a half-finished movie theater. Troops stationed on Hoth get to see one, maybe two epic battles tops, otherwise they throw snowballs at each other and drink lots of cocoa. Yup, cocoa.

This all changed with the invention of the Death Star Ice Sphere Tray. Not only could they have fancy ice for cold beverages, they could make Death Star chocolate truffles, and even Death Star soap! And as a bonus, playing baseball on the planet Hoth has never been easier! It only takes a few minutes to create an irresponsibly dangerous baseball and, when the guns become useless from freezing, you've got a baseball bat!

Product Specifications:

  • Create ice spheres that look like the Death Star
  • Creates 1 Death star (how many Death stars do you need?)
  • Made of heat and cold resistant food-safe silicone
  • Also great for molding chocolates or soap
  • Freezer and dishwasher safe
  • Dimensions: 2.4" in diameter

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$25.99 $12.95
Do It Yourself Knuckle Meat Tenderizer

Real cooking begins with you. With your body. With your grill. Your meat, your rules. 

Don't let technology or another man, take care of your meat. Make it yourself, eat it with pride. 

Nothing beats the taste of personal touch!

  • A real tenderizer - tenderize your meat, yourself
  • Raw metal on raw meat!
  • Take charge - your meat with your fist!
  • Nothing beats the taste - meat you've personally softened, tenderized to the limit and marinated yourself!
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$29.99 $19.95
Engraved Bamboo Insulated Thermos Bottle

Perfect for the tea lover in your life! This unique Engraved Bamboo Thermos is made from real bamboo and comes with a built in strainer perfect for separating the tea leafs from the liquid. Will keep your tea warm for hours! Made from eco friendly material.
Liner Material: Stainless Steel
Outer Material:Bamboo
Thermal Insulation Performance: 6-12 hours

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$79.99 $32.95
Multi Functional Fruit Baller/ Scooper & Carving Knife
Decorate your cake, dessert or ice cream with various lovely fruit balls, make it not only with tempting look but also with kinds of unique flavour. This fruit baller is designed especially for pulp digging to make as many fruit balls as you like. Just insert the scoop into the fruit/melon pulp and rotate it in one direction, you can dig a nice ball. You also can carve the melon like a flower by scauper. Very simple and easy!

The high quality Stainless Steel Sharp blade cut clearly through fruits and is perfect for creating uniform, bite-size melon spheres with a twist of the wrist.

This sharp tool is double ended for cutting and making perfect balls of melon, papaya, mango, dragon fruit or others. The end for carving can cut out the beautiful carved jagged lines. Our designed fruit carving knife can not only make your fruit-eating more artistic but also make your life more colourful. The options are endless.

The Melon Baller can also be used to remove seeds from halved zucchini, winter squash, cucumbers or pears, clean out a jack-o-lantern to be, shape chocolate ganache for truffles, create potato balls for Pommes Parisienne, create the perfect cavity for the brown sugar and cinnamon for a baked apple and much more.

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$24.99 $16.95
Stainless Steel Onion Slicing Guide

Brand New Stainless Steel Onion Holder With Steel Prongs Holds To Guide In Cutting !
This Convenient onion holder makes slicing onions easy by securing the onion while you slice.
Simply pierce the onion with the stainless steel prongs, and slice between them to create even slices.
Make sure to use this tool to keep your hands odor free after cooking with onions.
This handy tool has a white plastic handle for a firm grip and is a must have in every kitchen.
Also great for slicing juicy ripe tomatoes or blocks of cheese.
Measures approximately 4 1/4" L x 3" W.

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$16.99 $11.95
Stainless Steel Watermelon Slicer

The Watermelon Slicer and Server makes cutting watermelon super easy! The stainless steel cutter with smart tong design quickly and easily cuts and slices watermelon into nice and neat pieces. Also scoops the watermelon out, ready to serve. Watermelon Slicer is safe for kids to use. Dishwasher safe.

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Watermelon Features and Benefits:

  • Quickly and easily slices watermelon
  • Smart tong design scoops out watermelon
  • Perfect for summer parties!
  • Kid friendly kitchen tool
  • Stainless steel - dishwasher safe
$34.99 $18.95
Upside Down Beer Glass
  • Creative beer bottle design. 
  • Can be used for hot and cold drinks. 
  • Double layers design will insulate your drinks whether it be hot or cold
  • The beer bottle cup is suitable for parties or for your own personal chuckle
  • Capacity : 250 ml
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  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
$223.99 $17.95

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